Sunday, January 25, 2015

ay ay ay ay ay ay ay arrriba

Jan. 21, 2015
mi districto y mi CASA!!!!!  muy bonitas!!!!!!!!

just a couple facts avout the photo i sent
(left to right)
top row:
elder Santini, Elder Allen, Elder Weaver
Elder Blake (so hilarious), Elder Leavitt, Elder Matthews
Bottom es Mi Companeras!!!!!:
Hermana Hulick, Hermana Johnson, Hermana Lane

and in the back is our house!!!! THATS WHERE I GET TO LOVE FOR FIVE MORE WEEKS. SO BLESSED. ill send more photos later probably

love you all. im in heaven. everyone should go on missions. everyone should come to chile on missions. everyone should come stay at Alcantara so we can be partying until its time to sleep (11:00) ABOUT THAT. 
my schedule here is awesome. wakeup at 7:00
study gospel till 8:00
breakfast for 20 minutes
run for at least 15 then more exercise for the other 15
get ready for the day and catch our bus to the CCM (chile version of mtc) and start our day! its a party all day and all night and we be studying so hard. 

we got our progressing investigators this week, and studying for them has been so amazing. its been different devoting ALL YOUR TIME AND STUDY TO YOUR INVESTIGATORS. like, you dont ever study for something you think you need. its all about the investigadora. Miguel was our first appointment ever and we rocked it. he took a book of mormon and accepted a baptism date. and we remember to pray and ask him questions. 
sebastians appointment was  nightmare. he didnt even let us inside. the spirit was NOT there because we were terrified of this guy! so were just these three super white chicas standing on his doorstep annoying the heck out of him... hahah looking back it was funny. 

so im writing a better general email because i thought i only had 30 minutes and i really had an hour. hahahah ill do better next week. 

we be going to the santiago temple today!! 

ay ay ay ay ay ay im so happy to be here. i had a couple moments where i thought i wouldnt ever be effective and where i kept wishing i was serving an english speaking mission, but i know why im here and where im going. 
its gonna be so awesome. 

we have been going to the temple (which is RIGHT nex tto the CCM) and talking to random people about the church. such a blessing. when the spirit is there, nothign else matters. how much spanish you know doesnt matter, how shy you are doesnt matter, how much you stutta dont matta. if the spirit is there they will feel it. 
love you all!! gotta go!!!!

Hermana Lane

p.s. memorized first vision en espanol!

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