Tuesday, February 10, 2015


so this week was amazing. it went by sooo fast. 
so starting off with the most exciting news of the week,
I SAW ELDER ANGEL EN EL CCM!!!! he was here yesterday with his companion and me and mi compañeras got to see then and talk to them!!! it was so exciting! tha last time i saw him, HE was the one in the mtc! hes so tan now! and SO THIN! eeek!
also, we found out that our amazing maestro, Hermano Henriquez went tracting with like 6 apostles when he was on him mission in california like three years ago. elder ballard, christoffersen, elder scott, and holland and a couple others. so insane. he said they way they tought was amazing. they would teach and still be able to keep it a conversation and they would crack jokes and do funny things. so awesome.
ahh, our investigators are doing alright... we can do way better as companions but its all good. dad, i shared part of your conversion story with our investigator yerko. i hope thats okay hahaha ive just keep getting impressed to share it all over the place!

aattached is a picture of all the wonderful people staying at alcantara! all of these people are leaving for their missions on 10 febrero EXCEPT my district. so its gonna be just us for like a day, until we get all the people reporting on the 11th. im so excited. we are so spoiled. every night we come back and i look up at that beautiful house and can see the stars behind it and its such a beautiful sight. all of the elders in my distrito are the funniest people you will ever meet, i feel sorry for them that they have to put up with three heremanas who are not...funny.. hahaha at all. the woman on the left is CECILIA! she works at alcantara with elder and sister jacobsen and she is the funniest lady. she doesnt speak any english but whenever we are running late she yells TOOOORTUUUUGGAAASS! the best thing ever.
the ccm is awesome, but im excited to get going on the real stuff in rancagua. 
i was reading in john this week about when Christ washes peters feet. and its just amazing to think about the kind of love he could have for all of us. and all he asks is for us to have the same love for each other.
last sunday, my compañeras and i were sitting at the temple and the spirit wasnt there and we were just frustrated and were trying to plan our lessons. and then i just started thinking about the work we do in the temple. and i started talking about how i knew families could be together. even in the eternities. thats probably the strongest testimony i have, that we can be with our families together! everything will work out! families can be eternal! 
today i couldnt stop talking to heremana johnson about my familia and it made me so grateful that i have been so blessed.
i love this mission, and im so excited to be doing this. i cant believe im actually doing this!!!!
Hermana lane

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