Monday, June 15, 2015


This week was amazing. 
Hermana Mendez and I are seeing so many miracles. I can hardly believe it. 
Also, my Spanish is improving. And I can tell because I was talking in English to our mission nurse on the phone and I couldn't for my life remember how to say seis in english. FOR MY LIFE. I won't be able to talk to anyone by the time I get back. Its great. 

We saw miracles this week! Last week we had a funeral, a 25 year old mother of two. She and her entire family are less active in the church. 
But this week we went to see if one of our other less avtives was home and he brother comes out and he just does everything under the sun. He does drugs, he does it all, but he tells us 
"I want to go to church again. Paula was my friend. I wanna know whats gonna happen with her, with me" and I was SPEACHLESS. I don't think anyone will be able to undertsand how much of a miracle that really is.
But so the next day was Sunday and I was like "Nawwwww hes not gonna come, he was just talking" and HE WALKS IN. And he sits himself down and he's THERE in the church! EARLY SUNDAY MORNING (10:00 is early here) 
And not only him, but the family of the woman who dies came for the first time in years. 
THERE REALLY IS LIFE AFTER DEATH. In more ways than one. 
I am so grateful that I could be apart of this faith, that I can be apart of a work that reall can and really DOES change lives through faith, repentance, baptism ,the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. 

the work here is moving forawrd in an incredible way, I am so happy. and I feel so sorry for my compañera because she finishes her mission in 10 weeks. We only get this power and authority for a short time. But we will always be missionaries. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hermana Lane

Monday, June 8, 2015

We're Just Jiking in a Forest in South America

Hola familia y otras personas!
This week was really fast and I harldy remember anything. The mission is all too fast, I can't even believe it.

love you all like chileans love mayonaise!

Hermana Lane

The rock looks like a monkey!

Monday, June 1, 2015

chilly in chile its chilly in chile its chilly in chile

It's getting cold down here in Talca!!

But don't you worry, padres, I'm super warm. We're still not even in winter yet, but the fall is BEAUTIFUL. All the leaves are changing and now, and it's a really comfusing time, becuase it feels like is should be October, and its JUNE! 

The other day we had a Noche De Postres (desserts) in our ward and as missioanries, we also had to bring something! So we fried up some bananas and made chocolate sauce with black beans! SUPER yummy!! 
The activity was a success.

But what was even better was the following Saturday, we had a baptism in our ward! 
We got to go to that, and the spirit was so strong. Then, after she was baptized they had some people give their testimonies and this sweet sweet 10 year old girl gets up and bears her testimony and shes crying and crying and it was the sweetest thing ever.

This week has been awesome. I don't even know where to go. 
I hope everyone is enjoying SUMMER in America. Eat some graham crackers por favor. Hold some babies, and go swimmin.

OH AND HAPPY 30 YEARS MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hermana Lane


May 18, 2015

this week is CAMBIOS! I CANNOT believe its already been 6 weeks. that went way too fast. 
I am staying in Jardin Del Valle, Talca and my new comañera is Hermana Mendez de Guatemala! President keeps moving them down the line! first it was the US then south to Mexico, then south to Guatemala! woooohoo!

I am so excited to be working in this sector. We are working with an amazing ward and the area is beautiful and still smells like heaven. 

This week I started reading the Bible from the beginning and it is amazing. I am so in love with it, and the stuff that I have been able to learn. I cannot COUNTQ

May the Fourth Be With You All

May 4, 2015

I said that to my companera in the middle of studies today, She didn't appreciate it as much as I had hoped. 

This week went by incredibly fast, there's almost nothing to tell. 
Two months ago, our mission president, President Warne issued a challenge to ready the Book of Mormon in two months. Starting in March and ending on the last day of April. And I am pleased to announce that I finished ONE DAY AFTER on the 1st day of May. It was an amazing experience though. I invite all of you to make goals to read the Book of Mormon more often and with more feasting! That Book is amazing. Wow. It was awesome. 

I don't know if you guys are hearing about all the crazy stuff thats been going on like the volcanos and etc but I am SAFE. We're not near anthing or anyone that is going to stop the work from moving forward in this area :)
Im in Jardin Del Valles and it's a very special area with so much potential. The Lord is moving His work along and it's amazing to see. 
Our zone made a goal this transfer to have a BAUTIZONA on the 9th of May. Where everyone would be baptized in the waters of Talca (Book of Mormon satus) because our mission president is encouraging us to invite people to be baptized earlier and more frequently.  We are seeing miracles here. It's incredible. 

Ah, Gracias por sus oraciones, esta semena FUE incredible. èsta misiòn es la mejor deciciòn de mì vida. Hay milagros cada dìa.

con amor,

Hermana Lane

ay ay ay ay ay ay ay

April 27, 2015

Hola familias

On Friday night, a member bought us SUSHI wooohoo!! sushi in chile woohoo!
We are baptizing Rachel in a couple weeks on the 9th! She is the last person left before her family can (wait a year and) GET SEALED!! WOOOHOO!
This week was pretty uneventful though haha 
But the ward is awesome. The missionary work here is going to explode (in a good way) I can feel it. We're ready to track down old investigators and work with the ward more, become more acquainted with the members. Transfers are in three weeks, im really hoping I don't have to leave. There are so many families who are so close to going to the temple. It's so awesome. This really is a marvelous work and wonder. It feels like a dream, I am so blessed to be out here!
Love you ALL!!!!!!
Hermana Lane                                                                                                                                  


April 6, 2015

well since I finally found out how to send photos, You will be getting many more! wooohooo! I don't remember their order but:

-The photo of me and two awesome ladies: The one on the left is Carmen and the one on the right is her daughtor Fancisca! Fransisca got baptized like two months ago and her mom just got baptized last week!! They wanna be an eternal familia! and its comming!! They are such awesome people! 

-The photo with those elders are (left to right) Hermana Bradshaw, Yours Truly, Elder Angel, and Elder Peres! This was right after conference! all the english speaking Missionaries in the stake had their own little room and we got to watch it in ENGLISH! hallelujah! It was a party! Literally! There was like 20-30 missionaries crammed in a little conference room! So fun! 

-The photo with the lady and baby: let me tell you about them! thats the familia saez (well part of it) and they are reactivating into the church! But they are an AMAZING familia! Hermana Saez in the photo is holding her baby, Paula. Paula just had her three month birthday yesterday and has lots of health issues and Is inevidably going to die sooner than later.the family
 is trying to get sealed in the TEMPLE! and whenever they talk about it, they just look at Paula and go "Its all for her." They have the most amazing faith, and they are such huge examples of love and patience and strength. 

Ah, So Easter here was awesome! CONFERENCIA GENERAL WAS MUY GENIAL!  I loved it. and I loved that it was in English. (hallelujah)
We are TRANFERRING! I leave this Tuesday down south to Talca! and I am getting a Meican Compnñera to finish my training! (Shout out: Nathan Tanner: I'll be speaking that Mexican Spanish in no time!)
But I am so excited for the change! It is going to be so awesome!!! 

I konw that because Christ lives, we can ALL live TOGETHER forever! The saez family can be with their sweet baby and their three other children for all eternity. What an awesome promise we have of eternal life if we do those things that we know we need to be doing! Christ lives! He is real and He is always there waiting to grab our hands faster than lightning in a Summer storn and lift us up to safety. It is never too late to use the Atonement. 

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter! 
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement
Hermana Lane


March 23, 2015

in other news. this week was pretty amazing. W had our zone conference on wednesday and Elder Zaballos of the Seventy came with his wife and spoke to us and it was awesome. I couldnt understand him, but it was still awesome! woo!
I just wanted to share about one of my favorite scriptures! D&C 84:88 
¨"...I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." 
I know that God is always with us. He loves each of us more than we can possibly imagine, more than we love each other. He knows us better too, and He always wants to help us! He is always with us. ALWAYS.
I want to share my testimony that families can be together forever. It is because we have an older brother who LIVED for us and DIED for us and LIVES AGAIN still for us!
Jacob 6:5 says "..cleave unto God ad He cleaveth unto you" He really is with us always and He unfailingly send His Spirit and His angels to us. This gospel is amazing! Because of this gospel of Jesus Christ, Families CAN be together forever! for real! 
I am so greatful for Christ and all He does for us. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 
I love you all, Im praying for you guys back in Carlsbad.
Hermana Lane

Look at that Cat

March 16, 2015

whoa man, well this week was pretty eventful!! presidente y hermana warne ASKED to come with us to two lessons on tuesday and so they were there. my very own mission president and wife! it was so cool. they are seriously the sweetest people, im soo lucky. mom and dad, you do not have to worry, im in very good hands. They came to francesca and daniela, (two recent converts) and it was amazing. 

then wednesday, Cinthia agreed to BAPTISM! WOOOO! this is huge because shes had like 50 lessons and her kids and boyfriend are all members and so now they can be an eternal family!! WOOOOOOOOO!! shes got until 11 april! WOOO!

oh man so our district meeting was about "why do they need it" why do people need to hear our message. so the DL had elder benvenitas get up and tell us about why we need to live in arizona. and he was so convincing, he was all like, "you can put cookie dough in your car and then go to the lake -as i have done- and they will be fully baked by the time youre done at the lake" it was so funny, but the best part of the meeting was when DL had elders peterson and miller get up and tell us why the lego movie had to be the first movie we see when we go home. THEY WENT TO TOWN on it. they talked about every single character and every single actor and every single super hero and they just went to town. it made me feel like i didnt appreciate it as much as i should have. it was so awesome. oh yeah, and the song too, everything is awesome. 
but moral of the story, EVERYONE needs to gospel. and you just need to pray, read the scriptures, go to church, talk to people and youll find out why. 

last night we taught family history work to a less active familia and it was incredible. seriously, d&c 128:15 its part of our salvaction to do work for the dead. their salvation is on us. thats the only way we are all gonna be able to be together! thats the only way whole entire families can have that privilege!

also, i think everyone should listen to "life is a football game" by troy dunn. its so touching and it puts things into perspective! this is such a big deal! the gospel is a big deal! share it! toss those little fears satan puts into your head aside and talk to them! talk to people! its not weird! We got rejected a million times yesterday and it was so fulfilling! 

i love you all, thank you for your encouragement and prayers! 
hermana lane

Summer of 69

March 9, 2015

oh man oh man,
this week was pretty awesome! i asked my first person ever to be baptized and she said yes! woooo! 

We are so blessed here, the work is really growing. the members--active and inactive--are all super sweet people, and yesterday three people came to church who havent gone in such a long time. I dont know, its all God, though. He really has a plan for every single person. EVERY SINGLE PERSON. its amazing. 

man, so we had to go to the docter on Friday and we went with a senior couple in the mission and after we were done with what we had to do, THEY BOUGHT US DUNCAN DONUTS! I almost cried. i would have cried. It was so awesome. holy cow.

but while we are on the subject of food, i think every person here is trying to fatten us up because the portions are sooo huge. so huge. its insane. but I mean, its delicious so its okay i guess!

yesterday was testimony meeting because we had a branch presidency change on fast Sunday and so i got up there and shared my little testimony in espanol and it was awesome. up. so broken.

love you all!!
hermana lane

I'm Alive

Feb. 24, 2015

ay mom and pops! im alive! i go into the campo this morning and got my new companera hermana bradhsaw!
 i love you all! i sedn more details next week!!!
hermana lane


Feb. 17, 2015

I want everyone to know that Elder Nickerl is alive and well! its so awesome seeing someone from home aorund the ccm every day!


i felt my first chliean earthquake today! as we were waiting to write home, there was one! it was like the millionth earthquake since we have been here but it was the first one we could actually feel!!! so awesome. 

Ah, this week was a piece of work. we had an amazing discussion with María about church attendance. the spirit was so strong and we made her cry. you know its a good day when you made someone cry! we were definitely carried by the spirit in that discussion. but i gotta say, unity in a companionship is EVERYTHING. if youre not unified, you cant work as a team and the lesson wont be as awesome as we need every single lesson to be!

ah. so sunday i got called to give A TALK IN ESPAÑOL, like they WOULD do that. the theme was repentance. they literally called me to repentance. it was an interesting experience. the talk was no bueno but as soon as i started bearing my tesimony i felt the spirit so strong, even thgouh even the latinos probably couldnt understand my epañol hahah but it was awesome. 
I found out that we have the pleasure of hearing from PRESIDENT AND HERMANA WARNE next sunday for our evening devotional!! every two weeks we have devos by a stake president from one of the missions that are reporting the following week and i am so happy that its MY mission this time!!! im so excited to meet them!! 

I have been thinking a lot about temple and family history work this week. its so so so important that we are getting it all done. its right there next to missionary work. it IS missionary work. there are so many people just waiting to be baptized and waiting to have their work done for them. for real, i wish i could emphisize it more. DO YOUR FAMILY HISTORY AND TEMPLE WORK. these people had lives, hopes dreams, let downs, pains, trials, and families. they need to progress already! they have been waiting long enough! 

I am sooo grateful for my family. so grateful for all those people who gave their lives for the Bible and for the Book of Mormon. We each have a purpose here that is greater htan we can even comprehend. we affect more people than we know. and on that note, every can be a missonary. who are we to say if we pass someone on the street that they dont need to hear our message just because we´re judging them by the way they look? for real. this is the work of salvation. its not a casual thing! this is real. this is it! we cant just keep the church all to ourselves. every needs the gospel in their lives. 
Mother Theresa said, if you judge someone then you wont have time to love them. 

I couldnt be happier anywhere else than here on a mission! i leave exactly a week from today to finally get going with the real mission work on Rancagua!! this is seriously the best experience. ive had to grow so much haha my compañeras are very different from me and so the christlike attribute of patience is always being improved with but i love them so much and my whole district. everyone needs to learn how to love AND accept people who are different. 

Thanks so much for the emails!
Ill send my new address next time im able to write. 
love you all!!!
Hermana Lane

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


so apparently aúpa is a cuss word in argentina. ive been saying it like nothing else cause the dicationary i have sais it meant "come on" im learning something new every day!

ah, so last pday, we rode in a taxi and we placed a Book of Mormon with the driver. it was awsesome. so awesome. 
funny story though, the first time we tried riding a taxi we went and started getting into to this taxi looking car! and we couldnt understand him so we just kept doing our thing and then hes all like, "NO SOY TAXI" I AM NOT A TAXI and it was pretty much the greatest thing. 

theyre talks were amazing. i wish i had time to tell you all everything. but theyre so amazing. missionary work is a labor of love! its amazing. how much you can change lives. 

theres a missionary in my district who does old greg and napoleon dynamite impressions and its amazing. 


WE GET NEW GRINGOS TOMORROW! WOOOOO!! thatll make 55 total people in the CCM. fun fun fun fun fun.

i go tmy visa! i go home 12 july 2016! and i have two more weeks in the CCM!

thanks for the emails and encouragement. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD LIFE!!!!

Hermana Lane


so this week was amazing. it went by sooo fast. 
so starting off with the most exciting news of the week,
I SAW ELDER ANGEL EN EL CCM!!!! he was here yesterday with his companion and me and mi compañeras got to see then and talk to them!!! it was so exciting! tha last time i saw him, HE was the one in the mtc! hes so tan now! and SO THIN! eeek!
also, we found out that our amazing maestro, Hermano Henriquez went tracting with like 6 apostles when he was on him mission in california like three years ago. elder ballard, christoffersen, elder scott, and holland and a couple others. so insane. he said they way they tought was amazing. they would teach and still be able to keep it a conversation and they would crack jokes and do funny things. so awesome.
ahh, our investigators are doing alright... we can do way better as companions but its all good. dad, i shared part of your conversion story with our investigator yerko. i hope thats okay hahaha ive just keep getting impressed to share it all over the place!

aattached is a picture of all the wonderful people staying at alcantara! all of these people are leaving for their missions on 10 febrero EXCEPT my district. so its gonna be just us for like a day, until we get all the people reporting on the 11th. im so excited. we are so spoiled. every night we come back and i look up at that beautiful house and can see the stars behind it and its such a beautiful sight. all of the elders in my distrito are the funniest people you will ever meet, i feel sorry for them that they have to put up with three heremanas who are not...funny.. hahaha at all. the woman on the left is CECILIA! she works at alcantara with elder and sister jacobsen and she is the funniest lady. she doesnt speak any english but whenever we are running late she yells TOOOORTUUUUGGAAASS! the best thing ever.
the ccm is awesome, but im excited to get going on the real stuff in rancagua. 
i was reading in john this week about when Christ washes peters feet. and its just amazing to think about the kind of love he could have for all of us. and all he asks is for us to have the same love for each other.
last sunday, my compañeras and i were sitting at the temple and the spirit wasnt there and we were just frustrated and were trying to plan our lessons. and then i just started thinking about the work we do in the temple. and i started talking about how i knew families could be together. even in the eternities. thats probably the strongest testimony i have, that we can be with our families together! everything will work out! families can be eternal! 
today i couldnt stop talking to heremana johnson about my familia and it made me so grateful that i have been so blessed.
i love this mission, and im so excited to be doing this. i cant believe im actually doing this!!!!
Hermana lane

Sunday, January 25, 2015

ay ay ay ay ay ay ay arrriba

Jan. 21, 2015
mi districto y mi CASA!!!!!  muy bonitas!!!!!!!!

just a couple facts avout the photo i sent
(left to right)
top row:
elder Santini, Elder Allen, Elder Weaver
Elder Blake (so hilarious), Elder Leavitt, Elder Matthews
Bottom es Mi Companeras!!!!!:
Hermana Hulick, Hermana Johnson, Hermana Lane

and in the back is our house!!!! THATS WHERE I GET TO LOVE FOR FIVE MORE WEEKS. SO BLESSED. ill send more photos later probably

love you all. im in heaven. everyone should go on missions. everyone should come to chile on missions. everyone should come stay at Alcantara so we can be partying until its time to sleep (11:00) ABOUT THAT. 
my schedule here is awesome. wakeup at 7:00
study gospel till 8:00
breakfast for 20 minutes
run for at least 15 then more exercise for the other 15
get ready for the day and catch our bus to the CCM (chile version of mtc) and start our day! its a party all day and all night and we be studying so hard. 

we got our progressing investigators this week, and studying for them has been so amazing. its been different devoting ALL YOUR TIME AND STUDY TO YOUR INVESTIGATORS. like, you dont ever study for something you think you need. its all about the investigadora. Miguel was our first appointment ever and we rocked it. he took a book of mormon and accepted a baptism date. and we remember to pray and ask him questions. 
sebastians appointment was  nightmare. he didnt even let us inside. the spirit was NOT there because we were terrified of this guy! so were just these three super white chicas standing on his doorstep annoying the heck out of him... hahah looking back it was funny. 

so im writing a better general email because i thought i only had 30 minutes and i really had an hour. hahahah ill do better next week. 

we be going to the santiago temple today!! 

ay ay ay ay ay ay im so happy to be here. i had a couple moments where i thought i wouldnt ever be effective and where i kept wishing i was serving an english speaking mission, but i know why im here and where im going. 
its gonna be so awesome. 

we have been going to the temple (which is RIGHT nex tto the CCM) and talking to random people about the church. such a blessing. when the spirit is there, nothign else matters. how much spanish you know doesnt matter, how shy you are doesnt matter, how much you stutta dont matta. if the spirit is there they will feel it. 
love you all!! gotta go!!!!

Hermana Lane

p.s. memorized first vision en espanol!


Jan. 14, 2015

the trip was great! we just got here today adn we are staying at the mission home  in santiago which used to be a swedish embassy they say so its absolutely GORGEOUS! we are going to be here for the next 6 weeks! 

I have two companions, Hermana Johnson y Hermana Hulick. theyre both from utah and they are awesome. Hermana Hulick is also headed to Rancagua but Hermana johnson is going to santiago west. p.s. hermana johnson is exactly like heather. 

ah, um santiago is beautiful. its sooo old so it has so many old beautiful sights. i got some pictures! today we had papa johns for lunch it was soooo good. i inhaled it. 

ummmmm well so i just wanted to let you know that i am alive! and im lovin it. i love wearing the nametag, im so excited to get started. everyone here is so awesome. a ton of us all met up at the atlanta airport so we were able to go through immigration and customs together. 

ummmm yeah im all good, this house is seriously gorgeous. i love you all. its only been a day so its not been that long apart! im assuming i get to email on wednesdays... but im not entirely positive.. i guess youll find out next week!

hermana lane