Thursday, July 7, 2016

Return of the King

So basically all week the song from Lord of the Rings when Frodo goes in the boat to "die" has been playing repeatedly in my head all week long. 
Its insane thinking about leaving. I love it here so much, and 
I know that This is the work of the Lord. I know that God loves and He really does love us, even if sometimes we think that we don't feel it.

I know that God loves us SO MUCH that He sent His son to die for us and Christ loves us so much that he was perfectly obedient to everything His Father commanded Him to do.

I know that Christ LIVES. He died, and rose again three days later and because he lives, WE WILL ALL LIVE AGAIN.  
Because of the Atonement and Resurrection of Christ, who was lifted up on the cross, we can be reconciled with the Father and "lifted up" to come before Him and to be able to see Him face to face. 

I know that it's not always easy, but it's always worth it. We don't know everything, but when we can lean on what we DO know, its enough of a crutch to strengthen us and help us go a little further, even when we can't see all of the details. 
And encima de todo (sorry I dont know how to say that in enlish)
Jesus Christ is right there. He is with us and He loves us. 

I know that This is the work of salvation, and that the Atonement is real. 
I am so grateful for these past 18 months I've had to be able to learn more and grow closer to Heavenly Father. He is always there, and He never leaves our side-- its US who alejarnos (again--sorry- dont know how to say that either) from Him.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you all so much!!! Im excited to see you!! OJALA que tengan juegos y peliculas para mi porque yo voy a estar tan perdida yo creo, pero esta todo bien. Valio la pena cada minuto de la mision.
Amo a mis Salvador y YO SE QUE VIVE


Hermana Lane

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Days!

March 21, 2016

Hello family!
I hope all is well! 
This week we started sharing Alellujah (spelling?) the video about christ that is super awesome. It talks about now we can follow Christ and find a whole new life! really! a new life! A brand new life! why? because He payed it all. how? we can follow His Gospel. He showed us the only way that we can do it! and here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BAPTISM in the NAME of CHRIST by someone holding the AUTHORIY

It's all right there. It's exactly what He taught when He was here.
Sent by God, Christ payed the debt that we all owe, that came because of the Fall of Adam and Eve. All payed. But God lives by a law. And so He COULDNT just hand us eternal life. He had to set some standards. THE GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST and He had to send His son.

Christ came to teach, to heal, and to Atone and die for us. And the greatest happiness that He gives us that opportinuty to live again! WHY? 
BECASUE HE LIVES! He died and rose again the third day. And because He lives, we all will live again. THAT is free. THAT we don't have to pay any price. 

But what we do decide is how we choose to live. How we choose to prepare for that resurrected day when we will be judged. Following the Gopsel, established by Christ, and preached by ancient and modern'-day prophets, we will inherit a place in the highest part of God's kingdom, and finally be able to be perfected in Him, becoming as His is, being cleaned through His Atoning sacrifice. 

And that is why we celebrate. 

I hope this Easter, we can all remember why He came, and what He did for us. And that we can show our love for Him by our obedience and our righteousness.

I LOVE you all so much!I I am so happy to be a part of this work, to be able to share this message 24-7. It's the greatest blessing. 

HAVE A HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hunt some eggs for me!

Hermana Lane

bit by a dog!!

March 14, 2016

Hello family!!!! So this was my first week in Recreo since six months ago! and what do you know, some of them recognized me!! We went to some peoples housese that I had missed so much, like natalia and familia Cares. It was so great being able to see them again.

We have 3 people here who are preparing for baptism so far, the work here in Recreo is moving forward. It's a blessnig to be able to be back. 

So something that happened this week, was i got bit by a dog!! wooohoo!!! It was a little dog. Tiny. And it almost didn't do anything, but some blood did come out, so I have to get 5 injections. So I sent the video of us in the hospital that first day. I look WAY wors than I really was. Actually I just decided to lay down because I was tired. Not because I was in pain or on drugs or anyything! so dont worry!!!

my bible study has been good. I found a couple awesome scriptures:

"If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin." 1 John 1:7

"He which converteth a sinner from the error of his ways shall save a soul from death" James 5:20

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Phillippians 4:7

I jsut love those scriptures. 

This week President Russel M. Nelson and some other leaders of the church talked to all of Chile through transmition! So we all went to the stake center and heard the conference, and President Nelson TALKED IN SPANISH!!!! It was so cool!!!!!!! He just talked! it was awesome!! He talked about the joy that comes from keeping the commandments and how we can't even number the blessings that come from the temple. He talked about how God always keeps His promises.
 If He promised us peace, He WILL send His peace. If He promised eternal happiness and rest from all our trials, it WILL come. God is a God of order and of truth. He is perfect and loving and knows everything. If we don't know something, we just have to pray to Him. He blesses us for practicing that faith and reaching out to Him. He blesses us for trusting in Him.
I know that God lives, that Christ lives! The church released a new video called (in espanish) Aleluya. It talks about because Christ lives, we all can live! And all of our families! We're all gonna be together forever in a state of happiness! It's like a never ending Christmas!!

Ah, I love the mission. I dodn't know how much I didn't know until I came here and started learning it. It's an amazing experience. 

Thank you everyone for your love and you letters. I cherish every one. 

Hermana Lane

Un día más de vida

Hola famillia!!!

So. starting out. We have cambios. We have tranfers. I am leaving chimby after so much time and it's heartbreaking but we all know that everything happens for a reason. 

BUT I am going back to Recreo in Rancagua, which is a previous sector! I am gong to be there with Hermana Perez from Peru!! My third companion from peru! 

Wow this week was crazy. We have 4 people ready for baptisms that are gonna happen when I leave! It makes me so sad, but I know that I need to be in Recreo (de nuevo)

This week, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh learning about our Savior. I started reading the new testament this week, and it's helping me understand Jesus Christ and who He was and how He teached. It helps me learn how I can become a more effective teacher. 
He was just amazing. 

Learn of Him, Listen to His words, walk in the meekness of His spirit, and you will have peace in Him. Just do it. 


Hermana Lane

Grandmother's House

February 29, 2016

I realised this week that we literally have to go over the river and through the woods by bus to get to chimby from the city. It's awesome. 

This is the last week of the transfer. If things go the way I think they'll go, it's also my last week in chimby. I don't know what im gonna do.

Today we made a big find in our backyard! theres a HUGER HOLE covered with wooden planks. It basically looks just like the entrance to the hole that batman uses. Basically batman lives in my backyard. We took pictures. We were a little scared.

Attached is a picture of me and my zone on the bus ride back from where we climbed the hill! tell me if you know anyone! try to find hermana Lane!

OH MY GOODNESS this week was the best week ever. We had a transmission by Elder Bednar. He was in Argentina and did a capacitation for all the zone south america south! so we watched it and he is the coolest person. I didn't know how cool Elder Bednar was until I watched this. He is so cool. 
He talked about how we need to be with investigators. About how too many times we play a game in the church called "Guess whats in my head" where we ask question that make the students objects instead of agent. Question that don't extract more from them, but that just help us get the lesson out that we wanted. 
He said we need to focus on them! and he talked aso much about the spirit, and following it with faith.

He saids that the water didn't part for the israelites until AFTER their feet were in the water! They had to just move forward with so much faith to be able to get that water going. Incredible. I've been trying more this week to put my feet in the water (symbolically speaking, of course-- no soy chueka)

Sometimes theres just decisions that we have to make and we still don't know if it's exactly what God wants of us, but we just have to jump. Because faith is not faith without action. It would be mere belief. But the FAITH the TESTIMONY come from action!



Hermana Lane



February 15, 2016

So today for pday we went to "Puente Negro" to hike up a hill, and it was super steep. There was no path, and we went about halfway but then had to come back down for the sake of time. and the whole time the little town be3low was playing music that made me feel like I was part of the movie "Nacho Libre" But that's besides the point.
BUT my point is that it was a little scary and made me remember that one time that Bennett Dad and I went up Mount Timp and turned back early for the rain.
(for those who don't know)
In this trail, Dad fell off the trail, and we continued down very slowly, with Bennett holding onto Dads backpack, so he wouldn't fall again. And thinking about this, I was remembering the talk that Elder Holland gave last year about the Atonement and about how we always have our brother there, supporting, not only us, but the people we love. 
Sometimes we get scared because people make decisions and we're there reacting as though they were falling off a mountain going "nooooooooooooooooo" and in shock, feeling like we can't do a thing for them.
BUT there is something we can do, it was something we did on the trail with dad.
We can pray, that the Atonement will be there as a cushion or as a support for them. I think we underestimate the statement that the prophets have taught like a million times that 
if we knock, it will be opened
If we ask, we will receive.
An important part of the Atonement is that it's not just for repentance, but for strength and for help. 
Like Bennett, holding onto Dad's backpack (even when Dad didn't think he needed it) Christ is there for those we love, even when they don't think they need it.

A missionary in the ward shared a story about how when his sister got up and left home with her boyfriend, his dad fasted for 3 years, and the daughter said she felt something and came back. It works. It all depends on faith.

When Alma the younger was visited by an angel, this angel said it was a response to the prayers of his father! It was the power of the faith of a loving father.

I am sorry that whole story was just a blab. and really long, but its true.
We have more of an influence than we realize in the lives of those who can't see their own way.

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy Día de San Valentin!!!

Hermana Lane


February 2, 2016

The wedding went great!! Chilean weddings are almost the same as our weddings. They had the ceremony outside on the lawn of the church and a judge came and did the marriage and we all took pictures really quick and then went inside to the "cocktail" but don't you worry, there was nothing more than soda and good food!

They played music and their kids sang some songs. It was pretty american, with chilean music. 

Hermana and Presidente Warne came because they know the familia Estay really well and it was cool. 

ummmm que mas................. 
OH I am NOT with a gringa!! they changed us last minute and I have Hermana Demetrio from MEXICO!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooooh!!!!
She is mexican mexican! It's great! 
for example. She sent a package home, and her dad wouldn't sign for it because he thought it was from the mafia. Legit. 
We have had quite the week!!

This week was hard in a lot of ways, but I have been learning so much. We are working hard to try to get a baptism this change and to bring more people to Christ. It's interesting to see how different people react to different missionaries. We have some less actives who have started progressing gracias a Hermana Demetrio and her unique personality.

It's a testament to how much God knows us and loves us. He puts us where we are for a reason and with the people we are with for a reason; to fulfill His specific purposes. And Since His purposes are to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men, that means that Our experiences and our situations are designed by the Divine Creator to bring us unto life eternal. It's mind blowing and awesome. 

Keep praying for Rosa!!! 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Lane