Monday, January 25, 2016


June 30, 2015

This week was CRAZY! We had a house mate go home early so we were in a trio with Hermana Cottom from Arizona! 

And then we got calls Saturday night telling us where we be going for cambios! IM STILL IN TALCA BUT in La Florida. So I basically just moved next door to where I was. And changes houses. and compañeras. My new compañeras name is Hermana CHAPMAN de Utah! WOOOHOO! She is awesome. We live with two other Hermanas who are also in our ward and it is so fun. I moved in yesterday!

But This next change is going to be amazing. Its going to be my 6 month mark in the mission already in 2 WEEKS!!!???? 
It´s so fast, its not funny. Its really not even funny. Thats why we have set goals and we are going to see so many miracles. gOALS ARE THE KEY. Our sector hasn't seen a baptism in 3 years, and we are going to make it happen and its gonna be a FAMILY. We haven't found them yet, but theyre out there and they're gonna go to the temple when Im finishing the mission in a year! AHHHH!

Prayers for familias is what we need from home, Speaking of home HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! BE SAFE BE SAFE BE SAFE!!! 

AND HUZZAAHH CHILE!! Who gets to play in the final on Americas BDAY in the Copa America! WOOOHOO!!!!!!!!

Love you all so much! thank you for your prayers and your letters and your love!!
Hermana Lane

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