Monday, January 25, 2016

Un Pobre Forastero

August 24, 2015

This week we are making progress with so many things!! We found an old investigator and got her to set a date for BAPTISM and we are working with an awesome awesome awesome family to get them to commit to baptism. They're about as close to being with my own family as I have gotten in Chile and love us like we're one of them. They're the familia cares and they are just hilarious. I can't even. The only member of the family is Ricardo who was a less active but is progressing a lot. 
They are stiking cute their family. We always eat at their house. last night we had crepes with tunafish. It was good...

I am learning so many new recipes!! I learned how to make bread deliciousness and Empanadas, which I am definitely making at home. We had a Noche De Hogar with the Relief Society President and her family and she taught us so many things.

My compañera is doing better! We found a fix for her ojos so it's just fancy living from here on out! She made me PERUVIAN FOOD on day when we didn't have lunch and it was so good. Maybe i'll be able to learn how to cook by the end of this change! 

Oh but we met the cutest lady who only let us in her houe so we could use the bathroom! The bathroom! A great way to end a date or start a lesson! She is the sweetest woman ever named Ana and she has just the sweetest spirit ever. The old people here are the best people here. ALL the older people we meet are so friendly, it's such a blessing. They just kill me with their cuteness. 

We played capture the flag today with the zones. And what do you know, there comes more precious old ladies walking through the park, I think if Christ was here He'd spend his time with the children but then right after He'd go and visit all the old ladies. Cutest people ever. juss sayin. 

Peru and America
We also had donuts
Thank you fo the love and the letters!
Hermana Lane

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