Monday, January 25, 2016

¿tiene cerveza?

August 3, 2015

This week was full of lots of advenures. Theres been a lot of
"Where are you from?"

Thats my Spanish in a nutshell in case youre all wondering. Its beautiful mì accento con una gringa compañera. 

We made kaka de mono twice this week, which is no bake cookies and its not doing us good. But the member love it so we keep making them because thyre chocolate and peanut butter so like what else do you need? 

This next week we will get our TRANFER CALLS on Saturday. This change has been the fastest change ever, I feel like I got here yesterday. But it's been so good. My compañera has been fabulous. 

This week we went and tought in ENGLISH!! I SPOKE IN ENGLISH IT WAS WEIRD. There are these investigators (although they don't know it yet) names Felix and Nianda. And he's actually from Arizona but she is from Indonesia and they are of the Islam religion. He convertyed to it when he met her so they could get married and they've been kickin it here in Chile for about a year while he teaches English at the university. 

Sowe went over there and they made us pizza. And we just talked in English because he speaks it duh and she's better at understanding and spekaing it tham she is at Spanish. But they are the cutest couple ever and it was amazing being able to be there. 
they told us about Islam and its was so interesting to hear about, and we told them about mormonism and it was just really good!Ç

wE had an earthquake on Tuesday. nbd. It was so fun. We were in our apartment and the bulding was just SWINGING aruond and the peruvian in our apartment was scared out of her mind while all us gringas were sooooo excited.

Bueno. I think it would do everyone good to read Ether 12 and then Hebrews 11. They are all about faith. They are amazing. Faith is so important. 
We need it as much as they needed it way back when. 
Through faith we can see miracles and we can grow and cahnge into the person we were destined to become. 

Thank you for the love and the letters. Disfrutan el calor en Los Estados!

Hermana Lane

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