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February 15, 2016

So today for pday we went to "Puente Negro" to hike up a hill, and it was super steep. There was no path, and we went about halfway but then had to come back down for the sake of time. and the whole time the little town be3low was playing music that made me feel like I was part of the movie "Nacho Libre" But that's besides the point.
BUT my point is that it was a little scary and made me remember that one time that Bennett Dad and I went up Mount Timp and turned back early for the rain.
(for those who don't know)
In this trail, Dad fell off the trail, and we continued down very slowly, with Bennett holding onto Dads backpack, so he wouldn't fall again. And thinking about this, I was remembering the talk that Elder Holland gave last year about the Atonement and about how we always have our brother there, supporting, not only us, but the people we love. 
Sometimes we get scared because people make decisions and we're there reacting as though they were falling off a mountain going "nooooooooooooooooo" and in shock, feeling like we can't do a thing for them.
BUT there is something we can do, it was something we did on the trail with dad.
We can pray, that the Atonement will be there as a cushion or as a support for them. I think we underestimate the statement that the prophets have taught like a million times that 
if we knock, it will be opened
If we ask, we will receive.
An important part of the Atonement is that it's not just for repentance, but for strength and for help. 
Like Bennett, holding onto Dad's backpack (even when Dad didn't think he needed it) Christ is there for those we love, even when they don't think they need it.

A missionary in the ward shared a story about how when his sister got up and left home with her boyfriend, his dad fasted for 3 years, and the daughter said she felt something and came back. It works. It all depends on faith.

When Alma the younger was visited by an angel, this angel said it was a response to the prayers of his father! It was the power of the faith of a loving father.

I am sorry that whole story was just a blab. and really long, but its true.
We have more of an influence than we realize in the lives of those who can't see their own way.

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy Día de San Valentin!!!

Hermana Lane

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