Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Days!

March 21, 2016

Hello family!
I hope all is well! 
This week we started sharing Alellujah (spelling?) the video about christ that is super awesome. It talks about now we can follow Christ and find a whole new life! really! a new life! A brand new life! why? because He payed it all. how? we can follow His Gospel. He showed us the only way that we can do it! and here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BAPTISM in the NAME of CHRIST by someone holding the AUTHORIY

It's all right there. It's exactly what He taught when He was here.
Sent by God, Christ payed the debt that we all owe, that came because of the Fall of Adam and Eve. All payed. But God lives by a law. And so He COULDNT just hand us eternal life. He had to set some standards. THE GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST and He had to send His son.

Christ came to teach, to heal, and to Atone and die for us. And the greatest happiness that He gives us that opportinuty to live again! WHY? 
BECASUE HE LIVES! He died and rose again the third day. And because He lives, we all will live again. THAT is free. THAT we don't have to pay any price. 

But what we do decide is how we choose to live. How we choose to prepare for that resurrected day when we will be judged. Following the Gopsel, established by Christ, and preached by ancient and modern'-day prophets, we will inherit a place in the highest part of God's kingdom, and finally be able to be perfected in Him, becoming as His is, being cleaned through His Atoning sacrifice. 

And that is why we celebrate. 

I hope this Easter, we can all remember why He came, and what He did for us. And that we can show our love for Him by our obedience and our righteousness.

I LOVE you all so much!I I am so happy to be a part of this work, to be able to share this message 24-7. It's the greatest blessing. 

HAVE A HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hunt some eggs for me!

Hermana Lane

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