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April 6, 2015

well since I finally found out how to send photos, You will be getting many more! wooohooo! I don't remember their order but:

-The photo of me and two awesome ladies: The one on the left is Carmen and the one on the right is her daughtor Fancisca! Fransisca got baptized like two months ago and her mom just got baptized last week!! They wanna be an eternal familia! and its comming!! They are such awesome people! 

-The photo with those elders are (left to right) Hermana Bradshaw, Yours Truly, Elder Angel, and Elder Peres! This was right after conference! all the english speaking Missionaries in the stake had their own little room and we got to watch it in ENGLISH! hallelujah! It was a party! Literally! There was like 20-30 missionaries crammed in a little conference room! So fun! 

-The photo with the lady and baby: let me tell you about them! thats the familia saez (well part of it) and they are reactivating into the church! But they are an AMAZING familia! Hermana Saez in the photo is holding her baby, Paula. Paula just had her three month birthday yesterday and has lots of health issues and Is inevidably going to die sooner than later.the family
 is trying to get sealed in the TEMPLE! and whenever they talk about it, they just look at Paula and go "Its all for her." They have the most amazing faith, and they are such huge examples of love and patience and strength. 

Ah, So Easter here was awesome! CONFERENCIA GENERAL WAS MUY GENIAL!  I loved it. and I loved that it was in English. (hallelujah)
We are TRANFERRING! I leave this Tuesday down south to Talca! and I am getting a Meican Compnñera to finish my training! (Shout out: Nathan Tanner: I'll be speaking that Mexican Spanish in no time!)
But I am so excited for the change! It is going to be so awesome!!! 

I konw that because Christ lives, we can ALL live TOGETHER forever! The saez family can be with their sweet baby and their three other children for all eternity. What an awesome promise we have of eternal life if we do those things that we know we need to be doing! Christ lives! He is real and He is always there waiting to grab our hands faster than lightning in a Summer storn and lift us up to safety. It is never too late to use the Atonement. 

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter! 
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement
Hermana Lane

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