Monday, June 1, 2015

Look at that Cat

March 16, 2015

whoa man, well this week was pretty eventful!! presidente y hermana warne ASKED to come with us to two lessons on tuesday and so they were there. my very own mission president and wife! it was so cool. they are seriously the sweetest people, im soo lucky. mom and dad, you do not have to worry, im in very good hands. They came to francesca and daniela, (two recent converts) and it was amazing. 

then wednesday, Cinthia agreed to BAPTISM! WOOOO! this is huge because shes had like 50 lessons and her kids and boyfriend are all members and so now they can be an eternal family!! WOOOOOOOOO!! shes got until 11 april! WOOO!

oh man so our district meeting was about "why do they need it" why do people need to hear our message. so the DL had elder benvenitas get up and tell us about why we need to live in arizona. and he was so convincing, he was all like, "you can put cookie dough in your car and then go to the lake -as i have done- and they will be fully baked by the time youre done at the lake" it was so funny, but the best part of the meeting was when DL had elders peterson and miller get up and tell us why the lego movie had to be the first movie we see when we go home. THEY WENT TO TOWN on it. they talked about every single character and every single actor and every single super hero and they just went to town. it made me feel like i didnt appreciate it as much as i should have. it was so awesome. oh yeah, and the song too, everything is awesome. 
but moral of the story, EVERYONE needs to gospel. and you just need to pray, read the scriptures, go to church, talk to people and youll find out why. 

last night we taught family history work to a less active familia and it was incredible. seriously, d&c 128:15 its part of our salvaction to do work for the dead. their salvation is on us. thats the only way we are all gonna be able to be together! thats the only way whole entire families can have that privilege!

also, i think everyone should listen to "life is a football game" by troy dunn. its so touching and it puts things into perspective! this is such a big deal! the gospel is a big deal! share it! toss those little fears satan puts into your head aside and talk to them! talk to people! its not weird! We got rejected a million times yesterday and it was so fulfilling! 

i love you all, thank you for your encouragement and prayers! 
hermana lane

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