Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer of 69

March 9, 2015

oh man oh man,
this week was pretty awesome! i asked my first person ever to be baptized and she said yes! woooo! 

We are so blessed here, the work is really growing. the members--active and inactive--are all super sweet people, and yesterday three people came to church who havent gone in such a long time. I dont know, its all God, though. He really has a plan for every single person. EVERY SINGLE PERSON. its amazing. 

man, so we had to go to the docter on Friday and we went with a senior couple in the mission and after we were done with what we had to do, THEY BOUGHT US DUNCAN DONUTS! I almost cried. i would have cried. It was so awesome. holy cow.

but while we are on the subject of food, i think every person here is trying to fatten us up because the portions are sooo huge. so huge. its insane. but I mean, its delicious so its okay i guess!

yesterday was testimony meeting because we had a branch presidency change on fast Sunday and so i got up there and shared my little testimony in espanol and it was awesome. up. so broken.

love you all!!
hermana lane

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