Monday, June 1, 2015


Feb. 17, 2015

I want everyone to know that Elder Nickerl is alive and well! its so awesome seeing someone from home aorund the ccm every day!


i felt my first chliean earthquake today! as we were waiting to write home, there was one! it was like the millionth earthquake since we have been here but it was the first one we could actually feel!!! so awesome. 

Ah, this week was a piece of work. we had an amazing discussion with María about church attendance. the spirit was so strong and we made her cry. you know its a good day when you made someone cry! we were definitely carried by the spirit in that discussion. but i gotta say, unity in a companionship is EVERYTHING. if youre not unified, you cant work as a team and the lesson wont be as awesome as we need every single lesson to be!

ah. so sunday i got called to give A TALK IN ESPAÑOL, like they WOULD do that. the theme was repentance. they literally called me to repentance. it was an interesting experience. the talk was no bueno but as soon as i started bearing my tesimony i felt the spirit so strong, even thgouh even the latinos probably couldnt understand my epañol hahah but it was awesome. 
I found out that we have the pleasure of hearing from PRESIDENT AND HERMANA WARNE next sunday for our evening devotional!! every two weeks we have devos by a stake president from one of the missions that are reporting the following week and i am so happy that its MY mission this time!!! im so excited to meet them!! 

I have been thinking a lot about temple and family history work this week. its so so so important that we are getting it all done. its right there next to missionary work. it IS missionary work. there are so many people just waiting to be baptized and waiting to have their work done for them. for real, i wish i could emphisize it more. DO YOUR FAMILY HISTORY AND TEMPLE WORK. these people had lives, hopes dreams, let downs, pains, trials, and families. they need to progress already! they have been waiting long enough! 

I am sooo grateful for my family. so grateful for all those people who gave their lives for the Bible and for the Book of Mormon. We each have a purpose here that is greater htan we can even comprehend. we affect more people than we know. and on that note, every can be a missonary. who are we to say if we pass someone on the street that they dont need to hear our message just because we´re judging them by the way they look? for real. this is the work of salvation. its not a casual thing! this is real. this is it! we cant just keep the church all to ourselves. every needs the gospel in their lives. 
Mother Theresa said, if you judge someone then you wont have time to love them. 

I couldnt be happier anywhere else than here on a mission! i leave exactly a week from today to finally get going with the real mission work on Rancagua!! this is seriously the best experience. ive had to grow so much haha my compañeras are very different from me and so the christlike attribute of patience is always being improved with but i love them so much and my whole district. everyone needs to learn how to love AND accept people who are different. 

Thanks so much for the emails!
Ill send my new address next time im able to write. 
love you all!!!
Hermana Lane

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