Monday, March 21, 2016

A seed if PLANTED it will grow!!! whooaaaaa

This week was great. Still here in chimby. We'll know this Saturday whose gonna come be my compy because my current compy Hermana Vorwaller is gonna finish her mission. 

January 18, 2016

So Chimbarongo is just awesome. 
We started doing better contacts this week! And what we actually did one time was put a baptism date with a girl we contacted IN the contact! We should do that more more often! so that was a highlight. 

This week we had some great experience. We were in divisions and I was with an Hermana from Brazil and we were talking to this woman 
and I was like
"you must have a lot of fath in Christ"
and said "sipo" (yes with a chilean accent)
"and He helps you with your family too"
"¿what is the most important thing in your life?"

overall, an uplifting experience. 
There was more experiences that were just like "this is why i'm here" and it was hilarious. 

I'm my studies today I was studying "how to begin teaching" in preach my gospel. and dicided to look up the ser5mon on  the mount and Christ uses in matthew 5 HOW TO BEGIN TEACHING!
He starts by showing gratitude for the people who are doing things right and the blessings that come from what they are already doing, THEN He goes ahead and adds something else to help them be even better, just a short little principle about letting the light shine within you.
THEN, he stakes His purpose. He says why he's there and why it's important for them to keep the commandments-- or in missionary language--  COMMITMENTS! 

I KNOW with ALL my heart that GOD LIVES!!! He is there with us!!! He has always been with us, accompanying us since the day we were born and will be all the way until the day we die and get to go to His presence. 
I know that He knows us perfectly and that He had provided a way for us to be HAPPY!! and it is NOT the worlds way! it is God's way. His thoughts are NOT ours, He has a plan for us that we cannot comprehend, and if we let that believe grow within us like a seed, we can feel it with more power and strength that HE LIVES AND LOVES US!
You have to take care of a seed to help it grow. You can't just let it die in the sun. You have to do the things or nothing with grow. 

It was awesome. Thank you for all the love and letters.
I love you all more than you know!!!

Hermana Lane

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