Monday, March 21, 2016


So this week was amazing. Chimbarongo is my 5th sector and I am with Hermana Arevaldo, my 6th companion in the field, and its in the COUNRTY! So we ride bikes and go to fun places like secret water spots from Tuck Everlasting that have water that tastes like heaven.
We are doing so good, the work is moving along!!! 
We have a cute 78 year old lady named Ana (we call her Anita) and she is preparing to recieve her endownment in the temple!!!!!!!!!!! She is the cutest old lady ever and she lives with her two sisters, and we ate lunch with them the other day and it was the cutest meal of my life.
THE FAMILY ESTAY GOT ENGAGED!!! It was sooo cute!! So this is a family who are members but they're not married, but they live together and have three children, and they are going to go to the temple to be sealed, but the hubby was wating for a paper that said he was divorced to his former spouse, before they could make plans to get married!! 
SO ANYWAY!! the paper came and he calls us, and we go over and hide, and it's dark and the parents come home, and the kids start playing Passenger ("Let Her Go"--so trunky) and the mom is like "What??" and she turned around and the dad is like "you are the most beautiful wonderful woman in the world" and cute thinkgs like that and he gets down on one knee and proposes to her with a RING and everything!! It was the cutest thing ever!!!!!! They are going to go to the temple, and be sealed with all their kids!! It's so adorable!! so trunky!!!
THANK YOU for all your love and wishes!!!!!
Enjoy conference this week!!!
Hermana LAne

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